But before spending money on diets or expensive gym equipment, try these methods.

Eat more protein. Statistics show that diets that have more protein and less carbs causes rapid weight loss in the abdominal area.
Eat more fiber. It reduces appetite and clears the body of excess toxins. Snacks with high fiber, like an Apple or a product with bran, will help you to stay satiated between meals.
Do aerobic exercises. To lose weight fast in the stomach, you have to speed up metabolism and burn excess calories. This goal can be achieved by performing simple physical activities at a moderate pace, such as Jogging, aerobics and yoga.
Gradually move to power training. Starting with aerobics, accelerate the process of weight loss in the stomach with strength exercises. They strengthen and tone the muscles which in turn burn excess fat on the body, especially in the waist. All you need to do any heavy items, even canned. To tone the abdominal muscles, swing press, daily increasing the number of executions per unit.