Initially, you need to conduct colon cleansing. Badly organized work of the digestive system leads to bloating and irregular stool. On the walls of the intestine are formed fecal stones, which, in addition to adding excess weight, also interfere with the absorption of nutrients. To get rid of all the junk in various ways like at home (enema, eating bran, juice, etc.) and medical institutions (geochronometry). Organize the work of the intestine, you will definitely feel lighter and conformed outwardly.

The next step is to support the normal functioning of the intestines and weight loss has to be a correction of eating behavior in the direction of proper nutrition. We need immediately to separate the concept of "proper nutrition" and "diet".

  Diet is a hard limit in food, the consumption of only approved products. Most often, the diet is accompanied by the loss of all the body needs nutrients that can not favorably affect the digestion and the body as a whole.

 Proper nutrition is adherence to the basic principles of nutrition that must be followed throughout life. The basic rules of healthy eating are:

- regular intake of food is small (fractional) portions;

- food should be varied and properly cooked (not fried, not smoked, etc.).

In contrast to dieting, which helps to lose pounds on the proper diet enables a slow but steady result.

In addition to the correction of eating behavior, which will help to get rid of fat in the abdominal area, you need to tone the abdominal muscles. After all, even the skinny girls belly can look flabby if your abdominal muscles are underdeveloped. What exercises will help to tighten the muscles and make the stomach more relief? Of course, first and foremost, it is the exercises. But for efficiency it's better to combine them with cardio exercises that burn huge amounts of calories and help to lose fat.