Start with conservative methods of treatment of clubfoot. Their advise to spend the most of podiatrists. Therapy will be phased gypsuming the feet of the child. First, the doctor will knead his feet, try to give them a more correct position. Then he sagipsul legs from the foot to the area just above the knee to fix the result. After some time the plaster from the patient will be removed, feet will continue. Will bring them into a position more nearly normal, and then sagipsul. Usually to correct the defect in this way fails at the time of reaching the baby. Prior to that, the child will have to endure all the manipulation.
If conservative measures do not yield the desired effect or talipes too strong, have to resort to surgery. Contact opytnomu pediatric orthopedic surgeon, he will determine when it is better to carry out surgery. Different clinics have different opinions on this. Somewhere experts believe that it is necessary to delay the operation for a later date, and continue to apply gypsuming. In other hospitals correct the clubfoot surgically beginning of the year and even 6 months. Abroad generally operate on a 3-5-month old infants.
Whichever way you achieved positive results, they must keep to the foot again is not deformed. While the child grows, this is possible, is particularly difficult in this respect the period of 7 to 8 years. The attending physician must order rehabilitation. A child is prescribed the use of tire-orthoses. He will have at least 8 years to wear orthopedic shoes. It is very important to adhere to all recommendations of a specialist and not to go to the regular shoes, even if you think that a baby's feet look normal. Violations can diagnose a podiatrist.