What are the methods of treatment kosolapy

It is easy to understand the inconvenience that causes club foot person! Mostly, this disease occurs in young children as a result of violations of fetal development during pregnancy. Is it possible to get rid of this disease? In the Arsenal of modern medicine a lot of methods by which you can defeat this disease. The method of treatment prescribed by a doctor-orthopedist after inspecting the affected limb. And, the sooner treatment is started, the easier and faster you can get rid of clubfoot. Therefore, the parents of the child, discovered that his foot turned unnaturally to one side, or when walking he puts his foot inside a sock, be sure to show it to your doctor!

The most common methods of treatment of clubfoot are: massage, physiotherapy, imposing bytovyh and plaster, as well as special tires, physiotherapy. It is also recommended to wear a special orthopedic shoes, which perfectly captures the foot in the correct position.

In the most severe cases, when all the above do not give the desired effect, doctors have to resort to surgery. Children are encouraged to do surgery only after 2 years of age.

In any case, the parents of the child being treated from kosolapy, you must tune in to what is quite a long process that requires patience and strict adherence to doctor's appointments.

Why it is very important to get rid of clubfoot

Clubfoot is not only an aesthetic defect, causing moral discomfort to the person. It is dangerous because it can give serious complications on the musculoskeletal system. For example, if left untreated, it can lead to complete atrophy of the calf muscles, the further development of deformity (up to the destruction of bones), malfunction of the knee joint, curvature of the spine. All these diseases lead to disability, depriving people of the opportunity to lead a full, rich life. Therefore, you should not rely on the fact that it will sort itself out over time, or to console himself with the thought: "Well, it's almost unnoticed." You need to enlist the help of a podiatrist, who will prescribe the right treatment. Do not try to straighten the leg, as it is a very complex process which should take place only under expert supervision!