Advice 1: Why after crunches my ribs hurt

If muscles after sports do not get sick, it suggests that it was not as intense. The so-called gymnastics the pain is perfectly normal and natural phenomenon. But what to do when the pain is not in those places where it should? For example, why can hurt your ribs?
Why after crunches my ribs hurt

Causes for rib pain

When you do crunches, works not only the muscles of the abdomen, but also many others. Involved the muscles of the back, chest, legs, arms, and also special of the intercostal muscles. The fact that the ribs contact with each other the particular muscular frame, which is loaded simultaneously with the pressure, especially if you are included in the program of training the oblique muscles of the abdomen.

Intercostal ligament starts at the lower ribs, they fasten eight of the lower ribs and the portion of the chest on the side.

Do not worry, this pain is absolutely normal phenomenon, especially beginners. As soon as the muscles of the chest will be strengthened, the ribs will stop hurting.

How to organize the workout so that the muscles ached less

Usually after training at the press hurts not only the edges but other muscles. It is useful to know how to reduce muscle pain, to exercise more comfortably and not experience severe pain after a workout.

First, always start a workout with warm-up. A few jumps, Jogging a little, swings arms and legs, tilts: all of this will prepare the body for the fact that soon awaits him serious physical exertion. Workout not only will help to reduce the level of pain after a workout, but will save you from injuries that can occur when the body has not yet warmed up.

Secondly, finish up any sporting activity light stretching. Even if you feel severe fatigue, a few simple exercises will relieve tension and reduce muscle discomfort.

Stretching lengthens muscle fibers, which significantly increases endurance of the body.

After a workout

It is important to "expel" the lactic acid from the muscle tissue, to reduce pain. This will contribute to a good massage or a hot bath. And the next day do a little workout. No need to give the muscles a lot of stress, but a little heat is very important. Easy charging for 15 minutes will reduce muscle pain. Also good activity is healing muscle pain is swimming.

If you experience severe pain in the muscles or ribs constantly, and remove them does not succeed, it is a serious occasion to address to the expert. You may have received injury while performing the exercise with incorrect technique. To understand this will only a doctor. Sometimes severe muscle pain after exercise indicates a problem with metabolism.

In case your health is all right, then we can recommend the reduction of the load. It is better to make exercises gradually, in a steady rhythm, when the body is ready for it. If strain in the gym too much, it will lead to fatigue.

Advice 2 : Why the press hurts

The muscles of the abdominal press can hurt after physical activity, just as sick and all the other muscle groups. The main cause of pain in the region of the press – the physiological processes that occur in tissues during sports.
Why the press hurts
After exercise the muscles always hurt – this happens for two reasons:- production of lactic acid;- damage of muscle tissue. Lactic acid appears in the tissues during physical activity – active muscle activity requires a large amount of oxygen to oxidize glucose to carbon dioxide). As a result of insufficient supply of oxygen, glucose is oxidized not completely, but only to lactic acid. Acid tends to accumulate in muscle tissue, it is not time to output due to high-intensity anaerobic exercise, therefore, irritates the nerve endings causing pain. These feelings often arise when you do crunches rapidly, especially in the latter movements, when you need to work in full force.The second reason for muscle pain after workout – micro-cracks or damage some of the components of muscle tissue. This pain usually occurs the next day after a workout – before you are well trained, and if classes were held after a long time break or you are just starting your regular workout, the muscle pain is inevitable. Microtrauma of the muscle fibers are not dangerous, the tissues is gradually restored and the muscles increase in volume – then there are specific blocks of the abdominal press.The most dangerous type of pain you can experience in the field of press, it's throbbing pain. If the press began to ache sharply, the pain sharp and shooting, it is likely that injury. Often painful feeling in the abdomen accompanied by the appearance of hematomas and bruises – you should remember the moment when I got injured. A situation when the press hurts all the time, frequent, if, after receiving microtraumas you are given the opportunity to recover fiber and continued to train, increasing the load. Nasty pain that require urgent treatment to the doctor – hernial protrusion. Painful sensations arise when hernia incarceration, as the front wall of the abdomen is weakened, and the increase in pressure inside the abdomen causes a prolapse and incarceration of internal organs. In this case, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible to prevent tissue death.
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