Congenital and acquired flatfoot

Flat feet a person can already be pronounced at birth. Stop incorrectly formed in the womb. The disease can develop in the future due to overweight, wearing bad shoes, injury, intensive training and sports, weight lifting, rickets, excessive mobility of the joints of the foot.

To check whether the child has flat feet or not, in a simple way. You need to wet a towel, put it on a barefoot child, and then give it to tread on the dry, smooth floor. The foot print, you can judge the deviations. Cut inside should be deep - 2-3 cm to the width of the foot.

Flat feet violates an important cushioning function of the foot. While running and walking is not damped vibration, it is transmitted to the spine and the hip joints, which over time causes a change in the skeletal system. It is fraught with violation of biological processes in the body. People with flat feet are diagnosed with scoliosis, arthritis, fatigue and pain in legs. Changing posture and body.

The treatment of the disease

Congenital flat feet is treated by applying plaster bandages and Languedoc. But the data type of the disease is rare. In five years, the child has finally formed the foot, and the doctor in this period will be able to determine the extent of the disease and prescribe treatment. Children are encouraged to wear orthotics, which correctly record and form the stop. Insoles should be made individually for each person. Only then the treatment with them is effective.

It is possible to massage the legs and feet. At the initial stage of the disease it is considered to be effective. To strengthen the muscles, ligaments appointed physiotherapy. A significant role in the treatment plays therapeutic exercise. The most simple exercises include walking on grass, small pebbles, sand. After bathing should RUB the legs and feet to improve circulation. The child mustn't exert yourself, after a moderate load should be followed by a rest. Activity and indifferent parents will help the child to overcome the disease.

It is necessary to think up special games to strengthen muscles. You can raise your toes small items from the floor, to grab the toy, trying to take his socks off without hands.

It is not recommended to resort to treatment of flat feet medications. They have many side effects and bad impact on overall health of the child patient. Not used for treatment and surgery. Most effective way to combat flat-footed at a very young age.