Varus of the lower extremities: the disease and its symptoms

Varus lower limb (clubfoot) becomes a cause of uneven development of the knee. Thigh increases on the outside and inside is reduced, the lower leg begins to bend to the outside, of the foot and heel rejected inward. The child ceases until the end to straighten the knees, appears clubfoot.

Congenital clubfoot can be bilateral and is more common in boys. There are two forms of varus of the lower extremities: typical and atypical. The typical form is a defect in the development of ligaments, muscles and tendons. Atypical form of the disease occurs due to the underdevelopment of the tibia, amniotic constrictions of arthrogryposis.

The main symptoms of varus lower limb are: the limitation of the ankle joint, turning the sole inward, plantar flexion of the foot. While walking, the child begins to rely on her damaged foot, it is all the more its deformation, it suffers from gait and posture, further changes occur in the spine may develop scoliosis.
The consequence of congenital kosolapij - disability, accompanying a person throughout life.

Treatment of varus lower limb

Treatment of clubfoot should begin from an early age that the difference between the feet was less noticeable. Since tissue kids more elastic, the therapy at this age is not so painful. For the treatment should consult the podiatrist. He will conduct manual correction of the foot with the imposition of a plaster bandage on the thigh, Shin and foot. Gypsuming is applied before complete recovery. Then assign a foot massage, therapeutic physical exercises, a warm bath.
To correct the clubfoot may be a good surgeon.

One of the effective methods of treatment is osteopathy. Experienced osteopath will help to deal with the issue, demonstrating some simple exercises that you can do yourself at home. Corrective exercises should be carried out on the background of restorative gymnastics, and age-appropriate development of the child.

Definitely need a special massage. For relaxation and inner rear leg muscles used to the shaking, vibration, stretching, stroking. To strengthen the stretched and relaxed exterior and front leg muscle groups uses kneading, rubbing, slight effleurage fingers. Exercise physiotherapy is recommended immediately after thermal procedures.