Check whether you have flat feet. This grease foot fat cream and get a clean sheet of paper. Print on it the traces, and then carefully examine the resulting image. If flat feet are, then we lock the entire foot, and if not – on the sheet there are traces from fingers, side of the foot and heel.
In summer, walk barefoot on the wet grass, over rocks, on sand. But walking home on smooth floors do not give the same result, you need to walk barefoot in nature.
Take the various baths of chamomile, sea salt. After taking a warm bath, rinse your feet with cool water. Do the foot massage. Simple movement of this massage can be found on the Internet.
Purchase massage mats and place them in the house in places where you often stand, for example, in the bathroom near the sink or in the kitchen near the stove. Once on the Mat, do the following exercises: lifting on her toes, rolling from heel to toe.
Buy special insoles, arch supports. Before buying consult an orthopedist. He will advise you which arch support you better to choose, because their choice in the store is large and diverse.
Do exercises for the feet. Will cover basic exercises: Skating rolling pin. Take a rolling pin and roll her feet back and forth.
- Collect the fingers of the feet scattered matches or other small items from the floor.
- Walk on toes.
- Walk on heels.
- Go to the external and internal side of the foot.To heal completely acquired flat feet is quite difficult, but you can prevent its further development.