Advice 1: How to speak Armenian

Armenians are a small people, who live in one of the former Soviet republics in the South Caucasus. Now the representatives of this culture and language live throughout Russia and the world. What do you do if you were confronted with the question about the development of the Armenian language?
How to speak Armenian
Settle in Armenia and sign up for language courses. In General, the fastest way to master the language is to learn him in the group of beginners under the supervision of experienced teachers. It is always important to have a mentor, that would be told and guided students. Such courses are difficult to find in Russia, although you can try to do it via the Internet. The main advantage of this method is total immersion in the environment of carriers of the Armenian language. So you will be able quickly to speak.
Find a tutor in Armenian language through the Internet or other media. Another method is to engage individually with the tutor. Now, many are offering their teaching services through the network or newspaper. Good look for such a person through these channels. There is a high probability that you will find the first. If not, then you submit the announcement of search of the tutor. Individual approach will allow you rather quickly to speak in Armenian.
Examine for yourself the Armenian language using electronic resources. Generally, if you have no opportunity to attend courses or hire a personal trainer, start to learn the language independently. There is a great resource that will allow you to download the tutorial on Armenian language, literature, dictionaries, and translators. Go to the website and start to do themselves. Book-tutorial will be your main textbook, and other resources – assistants in the language acquisition.
Revolve in a circle of the carriers of the Armenian language and culture. As if you are engaged in the study of the language, you should always be with the representatives of Armenia. Many of them live a long time in Russia and know the and Russian languages. Make good contacts and ask them to help you practice speaking. Here you will help both yourself and them to learn about our culture and language more. Practice at every opportunity. The more language practice, the faster you will be able to speak in Armenian without mistakes.

Advice 2: How to learn to speak Armenian

Teaching of the Armenian language is no different from learning other languages. In Armenian, as in any other language, has its own difficulties, but they are quite amenable to study. If you want to speak Armenian, you will help the standard ways of learning foreign languages.
How to learn to speak Armenian
You will need
  • - the textbook of the Armenian language
  • - Armenian-Russian dictionary
  • - books in Armenian
  • movies on Armenian
Decide for yourself what purpose you will study the language and what level you wish to achieve. The knowledge required for tourist visits to Armenia are significantly different from those of the knowledge you need to conduct business negotiations. If you want basic knowledge, it makes no sense to spend time on more in-depth study of the language.
Choose the way of studying that best suits you. There are many various programs and courses of study of the Armenian remote and require immediate attendance. What you choose depends on your preferences.
Select some kind of basic program in which you will engage. It does not matter whether it is a course textbook or for self-study of the Armenian language. The important thing is that you will have the basis to which you will be able to add additional classes.
Watch movies in Armenian and listen to Armenian music and radio broadcasts. On the website you can find the list of Armenian radio stations. It is also useful to read books in Armenian. These extra classes will be no less useful than classes for the tutorial, and besides that – very interesting.
Communicate live with native speakers of the Armenian language. If you do not have Armenian acquaintances, you may find yourself interlocutors from Armenia via Skype. This method will help you not only to consolidate the knowledge of the language and make new friends.
Embark on a tourist trip to Armenia, where you can test your skills and experience the culture of this country. The study of any foreign language must be supported by practice. Visit to Armenia will help you to learn the subtleties of conversational Armenian, which you do not learn from textbooks.
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