You will need
  • dictionary;
  • - tutorial on the Gypsy language;
  • - books and movies in the Romany language.
To study the Roma language on special courses or with a tutor. And it is possible to choose and independent way. In the latter case, it will be more exciting process, but the lessons should be carefully planned and take place every day. We should not leave the study of the languageand in the middle of the way or to teach him from time to time.
Use the tutorial. It can be downloaded from the Internet or buy a suitable book at the store. Usually it is divided into lessons. Do one of them every day, meticulously examining every rule. And be sure to do all practical assignments.
Do not try to hold in the mind immediately a large number of new words or expressions. Because then you can just get confused. Better well remember some of them and slowly try to apply them in everyday life. You can write on the stickers Gypsy words and paste them to the desired objects. Learning new, do not forget about repetition of already learned.
Read books. Studying the alphabet and pronunciation click here to book in the Romany languagee and read a few pages daily. Do not look in the dictionary every word, because it can have many meanings, and you only get confused. Just try to understand the basic meaning of a sentence or paragraph. As possession of the language ofω increase, the number of read material.
Watch movies. Try to find in the Internet the pictures on Gypsy languagee and watch them at least a few times a week. It is also useful to listen.
Apply the acquired knowledge in practice. For example, talk on the forums of the native Gypsy languageor just say the expression aloud. You can also make friends with the Roma people, which in every city a lot. But this should be done with caution, as not everyone will start talking of pure motives.