When learning any language, you need motivation. Think about what level you would like to have, you need his knowledge. If you want to know a few conversational phrases that will help you PhraseBook. But if you want to speak freely in this language, try to exercise every day, with classes for at least two hours a day.
Tutorials, phrasebooks and Russian-Chechen dictionaries to buy it at a bookstore quite difficult. Here you will come to the aid of the Internet. Textbooks, dictionaries and phrasebooks you can order online. Additionally, the study will help on-line dictionary of the Chechen language. Using the tutorial, you will receive initial information about the alphabet and the sounds of the Chechen language, learn how to count and to read, write, affricates and read speech etiquette, such as greetings and answers.
To study a commonly used phrase by using the Internet portal. The site presents forty lessons, the topics of each lesson – conversational phrases and grammar of the language. Phrases appear on the monitor, they all sounded the Chechen speakers.
It is best if you can find the tutor language. Although a qualified teacher of the Chechen language in Russia find extremely difficult. But in this case, new technologies will come to your aid. Advertise in the online exchanges, and you will surely find your teacher. Distance – not a hindrance. To engage with the teacher using the Skype program. You just have a headset, though if you need to see with whom you are communicating, use a webcam.
When learning a language it is important to practice. Communicate in the language with native speakers. If you can't find people near you or want to surprise them, you can find people who want to communicate with you in the same Skype.
Studying the language, get acquainted with culture and customs of the original country, then you will be able to communicate with its people, without falling into a difficult situation. Taking into account all the recommendations in a couple of months you will be able to communicate at the household level, and in a year or two free.