You will need
  • Russian - Tatar dictionary;
  • books in Tatar language.
Ask for help to the tutor. He not only teaches you to speak and understand the Tatar language, but will teach the necessary grammar. To find it, ask about it from their friends, publish an announcement in the local newspaper or on Internet forums. The language is also taught in local schools, so you can learn about the services you require tutoring and the teachers in the Department. The advantage of such training will be that you will apply an individual approach based on your abilities and level of proficiency.
Engage with native speakers. These are some indigenous Tatars, who speak their own language. Of course, in this case on any particular system of education can not speak, but with their help you will learn to understand Tatar and to speak it.
Learn the language independently. Start learning with memorizing Tatar letters, especially those alien to the Russian language. Learn the formation of sentences and remember every day dozens of new words and expressions. A great help can become a Russian-Tatar PhraseBook that you can try to find at bookstores or online.
Read in Tatar. Download texts from the Internet in a given language every day and read a few pages, writing all encountered unfamiliar words. And then look in the dictionary the translation and memorize them. Try sometimes read aloud to improve your pronunciation.
Speak Tatar. If in your environment there are native speakers, chat with them at every opportunity. Pay close attention to their comments and corrections, because the only way you will be able to master the Tatar language. Take some time in Tatar hinterland in that there is quite a lot of people who not only remember your native language, but speak it.