You will need
  • - heated garage;
  • - a set of tools;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - welding machine;
  • - table with the vise;
  • compressor for painting.
Browse magazines and websites with photos of motorcycles, decide in which direction you should move. Make a plan, taking into account their technical, financial and temporary opportunities, don't delay the repair.
Inspect the motorcycleif you just bought it, drive it a few miles. Perhaps some parts must be replaced or repaired. Disassemble, clean and lubricate all parts, correct oil leaks, in total, bring the bike in order.
If you are not satisfied with the silhouette of the bikeand redo the frame. To lengthen the frame in front of the engine, thereby achieve the "American" landing, move the transmission control and brake system. Place them on the rod in front of the driver, the height of which can be adjusted depending on your height and convenience. When the elongation of the frame will be actual the understatement of the saddle.
To change the geometry of the bikeetoi frame, increase the angle of the front fork, but note here that the tilt more 33⁰ may lead to failure of the top pipe and the traverse. Appearance design can also be changed by tilting the rear shocks.
To change the frame design, use only pipe with the other frame. Welding spend the maximum possible current, the pipe ends while under 45⁰'t butcher and when combining insert between them the insertion of a thin tube. Try to cook the entire perimeter of the seam in one pass.
From different parts from the old motorcycles weld new gas tank and fenders. Pay attention to the shape of the wings, they should not be too short (to protect from mud) or too long (so as not to cling to the pavement or curbs).
Choosing suitable parts, clean them of old paint, grind, weld as needed, and by sanding and primer paint using the compressor. In the seams of the tank for tightness special sealants or RUB the mixture of aluminum powder with epoxy glue.