You will need
  • three Bicycle wheels;
  • - Bicycle transmission;
  • metal pipe;
  • - plywood;
  • - fasteners (bolts and nuts);
  • - angle grinder;
  • - welding machine;
  • - tools for working metal;
  • - foam;
  • - faux leather.
Decide on the design of cycle rickshaws. The most common design on three wheels, designed to carry one or two passengers. The cyclist is in front and back on two wheels is a seat for passengers. Other less common design is when the cyclist is behind the seats of passengers. The choice depends on your taste preferences.
Prepare the necessary for the manufacture of rickshaws tools and materials. Stock up on a set of Bicycle wheels, buy, or use pre-owned a Bicycle frame, handlebar, pedals, saddle, chain transmission. For equipment of seats you will need plywood, foam, fabric and leather (easiest to use the leather). Don't forget the bolts and nuts of appropriate sizes.
Create a schematic image of the future, bike-taxis, and even better, do a full drawing, which will draw all structural components of the device with respect to the dimensions of the future of transport. It is advisable to make something like routings showing the sequence of manufacturing and Assembly design. It is important that you clear all stages of the work.
Assemble the frame rickshaws. Use this as a starting point of the Bicycle frame, privaris thereto (in accordance with your drawing) with additional metal elements. You have in the end to obtain a frame resembling in appearance a large tricycle. Hoping design, keep in mind that she will have to carry the weight twice and even three times more than a regular road bike.
Equip frame with wheels, attach the transmission, including a toothed driving sprocket on the driving wheels, a Bicycle chain, the pedal mechanism. Mount the steering; it basically will not differ from Cycling. Provide a brake system having duplicated main brake manual. Not be amiss to provide pedicab simple beep.
On the basis of the design attach the bolts to the seat for passengers, making it from a sheet of plywood upholstered with foam and covered with a suitable material. For ease of maintenance and cleaning of the seats provide a swivel cover of the dense solid matter. If desired, you can optionally provide Bicycle taxi canopy that protects passengers from the weather. Fully-assembled design paint in any color. Taxi is ready to take its first passengers.