Make sure that the washing machine is in the washing mode. If necessary, complete the workflow, turn the machine off on the control panel and move the controller programs to the neutral position. Free drum machines from the content.
Unplug the washing machine from the mains. If you connect using a special adapter device and a separate ground wire, also disconnect them. Electric wire gently roll up and attach to a special bracket located at the rear part of the vehicle body.
Unplug the machine from the water system. Turn the valve on the inlet pipe. Disconnect the flexible hose through which the device water is supplied. Use for dismantling wrench size required and pliers. Do not forget to remove the rubber gasket that came with the machine set.
After disconnecting the hose, remove excess water and air dry. Attach the hose to the housing of the washing machine branch pipe up. The place where is connected the hose, thread the plug.
Disconnect the hose drainage. If the system of water drainage built into the sewer pipe using a sealant carefully clean the attachment point. Then remove outlet hose, if necessary, drain excess water and also attach it to the rear surface of the washing machine.
Try disabling the device does not unnecessarily tilt the machine. If disabling is required for subsequent transport, lock the drum special shipping bolts. Separately pack additional hoses and the mounting of the clutch. To ensure the safety of the surface of the car package it in protective bubble wrap. Storage and transportation of the washing machine are carried out in a vertical position.