Features washing machines Bosch

Currently, Bosch offers its customers more than 20 new models, household washing machines, capable of providing all the demands and requirements of consumers. Demand full line of this equipment – from small series MaXX Advantage (CD), depth models of which does not exceed 40 cm, to the latest series LogiXX designed for a load of Laundry up to 6 kg and equipped with a chrome hatch and double glass.

But, with the purchase of any washing machine from this manufacturer, you should know that they provide the highest quality class of Laundry "And" European standard EN60456 with low power consumption "A" or "A+". All models are equipped with electronic control unit and electronic control of foaming, dosing and water imbalance, allowing the rinse and spin cycle to automatically set the optimum drum speed, which ensures the safety of the mechanism of rotation and lengthens its life. Warranty period washing machines Bosch is 2 years, and an extensive network of service centers allows us to provide the shortest terms to repair breakdowns that often arise through the fault of the consumer, in violation of the manual.

How to operate a washing machines Bosch

In Bosch uses the latest technological developments allowing to provide the highest quality washing with minimal human involvement. In some models, is able to determine the quantity of the loaded linen, automatic control is provided by voice guidance that allows to properly determine the optimum amount of washing powder. High technologies require their strict observance, so the instruction manual, which the company offers to its technology, different detailed description.

These instructions are specifically designed for each model and consider the features of this very complex devices allow the user to obtain the maximum amount of information on the operation and maintenance of washing machines Bosch. If, for some reason, the manual was lost, you need to determine the brand of this model and find an appropriate description for it in the Internet. It contains not only the sequence of actions when washing, but also the detailed requirements for the transportation and installation of washing machines, instructions for its safe operation and the requirements for environmental protection, energy savings, as well as the rules of recycling equipment.