You will need
  • level;
  • - plumb
  • - diagnosis of the causes (if vibration is caused by a failure).
That machine worked as quietly and minimally vibrated at a strong speed spin, swipe proper installation. The machine should be installed on perfectly flat and hard surface. The best option is concrete screed. When pouring concrete screeds, check the surface level in several perspectives.
Install the machine after the screed is completely dry. This will take 5-7 days. Finally, the concrete hardens in one month, but washing machine is not so heavy a subject below before installation to wait for fully gaining the fortress of concrete. So one week would be sufficient.
Set the machine, align level and plumb. Alignment spend, minimally twisting legs. Lock legs with lock nuts. This installation method enables to reduce the vibration during the spin cycle to a minimum.
Over time, vibration may occur for other reasons. If the level shows that the machine exhibited exactly, but the vibration is still there, so worn out ball bearings responsible for the rotation of the drum or failed oil seal that prevents the penetration of dirt into the bearings. To resolve this reason you'll need to repair the machine, turning into a workshop, or even dismantle, remove wall, remove the belt, the drum and replace the worn parts yourself.
If you have time you correct the cause of breakage, looseness in the drum will be so strong that during the spin cycle of your machine can "jump" to the middle of the bathroom or the kitchen, depending on where you have it installed.
Another cause of vibration is uneven spreading of Laundry during the spin cycle. To eliminate the vibration, turn the machine off, pull out the lump of a linen and put everything exactly. Next time wash small items in the grid. When washing bed linen suture slots or fold linen so that the maximum to prevent twisting, when all things just fall into duvet cover or pillowcase.