You will need
  • - the required amount of antifreeze;
  • - capacity to drain antifreeze;
  • - water spray systems;
  • - washing liquid.
Warm the car for 5-10 minutes. Put the machine to slide forward. Put an empty container under the drain hole of the radiator. Unscrew the cap of the drain hole and gently drain the waste antifreeze. Be careful, the liquid can be very hot. Use thick gloves or mittens.
Screw the cap back on. Be careful not to exert too much effort. Otherwise it will lead to the disruption of threads and costly repairs. Fill the system with water, pre-dilute the wash fluid. Start the engine, turn the stove to maximum capacity and continue running the engine for a few minutes. Follow the temperature sensor, as prolonged use can cause overheating. Then drain the water as described in the first step.
Repeat the procedure several times. Repeat until until the drained water is clean. Drain the water and collect in a container. Remember, you cannot mix the antifreeze and antifreeze. This will lead to corrosion of the cooling system, and there will be a leak. Alternatively, rinsing can be done with running water under pressure. The flushing look good, and saving considerable time.
Put the car on a hill so that the plug hole for coolant was above the whole system. This is necessary to reduce the number Papademos the system of air and to prevent formation of air pockets. Pour in the required amount of antifreezeand run the car again. Check fluid level, if necessary top up.
Dispose of used fluid according to the rules. Either use replacement the reputable garages who have the ability to transfer the waste supplies for recycling to specialized organizations.