You will need
  • Concentrate antifreeze (coolant)
To lower the freezing point of the coolant in the cooling system of your car, add the water, such as alcohol. Or glycerin, also contributing to the lowering of the temperature, at which the crystallization water molecules. But such simple formulations of antifreeze coolant today can't solve all the challenges facing modern antifreezeAMI. So in order to make antifreeze, get the concentrate antifreezeand shop and cook following the enclosed instructions.
Modern brand antifreezes for vehicles with internal combustion engines based on ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is the representative polyhydric alcohols. The purified form is a slightly oily, colorless, transparent, odorless liquid. Tastes sweet and is very toxic. The penetration of the glycol into the person may end in death.
In addition to the ethylene glycol in water to produce a high-quality coolant additives are added, which give the antifreezehave anticorrosion properties. For this reason, leave the antifreeze in the cooling system in the warmer time of the year. Moreover, the ethylene glycol increases the boiling point of your coolant, and it is important in hot summer.
Another important property acquires the coolant additives – anticavitation. Cavitation is the formation and bursting of vapor bubbles in the liquid when boiled. This process gradually destroys the metal, carving out the surface of the microparticles and forming ulcers that are easier then corrode. Ulcers grow in the shell. Also additives impart anti-foaming properties.