You will need
  • - wrenches;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - cotton gloves;
  • - drainage container;
  • - at least 10 litres of new coolant.
Driving a car on a horizontal platform. If the surface is sloped, then the machine must be positioned so that the front part is below the rear.
Disassemble the crankcase and the splash shield. This is needed in order to when draining the fluid does not spread on tray. You can also find any fixture drain, not to remove the protection and splash guard.
Look in the car the handle of the heater valve and turn it counterclockwise until it stops. Located on the radiator drain plug. Substitute under her capacity, the volume of which not less than ten litres. Carefully Unscrew the cap.
Find the expansion tank. He's usually a light color. Open the plug on it. Do not pull hard, so as not to strip the threads on the plastic. Also from the excessive effort, the tank may crack.
Locate the drain plug on the engine block. Place a container under it and open the tube. This will allow you to drain the coolant channels of the engine block.
Flush the cooling system, as during the period of operation on its walls may accumulate a lot of deposits. For washing, you can pour distilled water by adding specific additives that can break down deposits. In this case the additive should be selected so that they do injury to the material from which made the radiator. To thoroughly clean the radiator, use the washer "Karcher". Put the hose washing on the radiator hose and turn it on maximum power. Water pressure will wash away all the deposits. Clean the external radiator cell. This will facilitate the flow of air.
Pour new coolant. If you have not washed the system, then you should only pour the liquid that you used. If you cleaned the cooling system, then you can fill the antifreeze of any type. Pour antifreeze as long as the fluid level in the reservoir reaches the maximum mark. One should not pour, since the extra coolant can create excessive pressure that will cause harm to the system.
Start the engine and let it warm up. Then turn the car off and check the coolant level. If necessary, top up with antifreeze.