Daewoo Nexia: design features

The car "Daewoo Nexia" is a descendant of the German Opel, the modernized South Korean company Daewoo in 1995. Since 1996, Nexia produced at subsidiaries affiliates Daewoo in Europe and Asia. In Russia these cars come mostly from Uzbekistan. To change the coolant on a car of this model, it is necessary to know how to get to the drain tap of the radiator. This will remove the right side during front mudguard and crankcase.

About antifreeze and the frequency of their replacement

The coolant (coolant) should be changed periodically. In most manual cars you specify what to change antifreeze it is necessary once in three years or after a mileage of 45 000 km lifetime of the coolant may depend on her individual characteristics specified by the manufacturer. First and foremost, the most important indicator is the temperature of the crystallization liquid. It is clear that for the southern regions it is not necessary that this temperature was minus 40 degrees Celsius.
There is a common misconception about the fundamental difference between antifreeze and antifreeze. Meanwhile, antifreeze is one of the many brands of antifreeze. Antifreeze literally means "antisemitisme".

The procedure of draining the antifreeze on the "Daewoo Nexia"

For replacement of antifreeze you need to drive the car to the pier or put it over a viewing hole. The engine should be warmed up enough to open the thermostat valve – this will allow you to easily drain all the liquid. Just in case, to make less, poddomkratit the left side of the car body with the tilt in the front left wheel. Prepare a wide-mouthed container to collect the spent antifreeze, as well as adequate wrenches. Open the cover of the coolant expansion reservoir.
So as not to strip the threads on bolts and nuts and to facilitate the work, a pre-spray a special liquid WD-40 for rust treatment.

Unscrew the bolts securing the splash shield and remove it. The crankcase can be completely removed, and leaving the left front bolt that to push a cavity out to the side. In this case, should open access to the threaded tube with a diagonal ledge-handle. Substitute some capacity. Hand in rubber glove (better to put it on top of the cloth) remove the stopper, and the liquid will flow.

Refill with fresh antifreeze

Once all is removed, proceed to fill fresh coolant. You can pre-rinse the system with distilled water, if you go with one brand of antifreeze to another. In the case of maintaining the brand of coolant, mixing of fresh antifreeze with the remnants of anything not contraindicated.

Screw in place the drain plug. Cooling system "Daewoo Nexia" holds 6.2 liters of fluid. So pour used antifreeze into a measuring bowl to know how much it will be necessary to pour fresh. After refilling the system, start the engine and the warming-up process several times intensely "pagesuite" to better left accidentally remaining air.