You will need
  • sewing machine, double needle, thread, 2 spools
Using the double needle you can: to do needlework, to sew the braid to form the tucks.thread reliefs with cord, hem the garment. Depending on the fabric option, they are divided into three types - jeans, station wagon and stretch. From conventional needles double numbering differs in that it further specify the interval between them, expressed in millimeters. This device will allow you to embroider the pattern, parallel to each other. You have the option of top filling threads of different colors. Using a narrow needle of 1.7 - 2.6 mm, you will receive a superposition of the drawings of lines on each other that will create a shadow effect. For obtaining decorative stitches, you must use the needle whose size is less than the maximum allowed width "zig-zag" on your machine.
You have the ability to set double needle on the machine, if she can sew stitching "zigzag" and provided that the threading front. The distance between the needles is equal to or lower than the maximum allowed width "zig-zag", initially valid.
Put the double needle in the sewing machine, sent the flat part of the holder back and round forward. Put them on designed for two reels which are unwound in different directions, otherwise you will get loose and interlocking strands.
Tuck the thread in double needle. Do it in a standard way, taking simultaneously from the coils to the inputs of the lugs, only at the last moment move them in opposite directions. Then both threads insert into different yarn guides. If on the machine there is only one, paste the first thread, the second release.
For zigzag or satin stitches use the foot. Keep in mind that the thinner the fabric, the weaker the thread tension and Vice versa.