You will need
  • Serger
  • Thread
  • Tweezers, needle threader or the system vozduhotehnika refills
Read the instructions! She describes in detail how to correctly fill threads in the serger of this model. It is important to do it in sequence. In some overlockOh scheme refueling drawn under a removable cap. Space for threading of the threads are usually painted with different colors.
Choose the right threads for your serger. You just choose the size depending on the needle and structure of the material. Thread should pass freely in the loopers and make tissue good place. In the overlockstretch special newdevel, which can easily fill a needle thread. However, the hooks are quite fragile and small.
Proceed according to the scheme of fueling the serger. Usually all of the description is built on General principles.
• First put the bobbin with the thread axis and the thread is passed through the yarn guides.
• Then using the tension Adjusters and the mechanisms that pull the filament during operation.
• Threads pass through the eye of a needle and into the holes of the loopers.
• Filled thread is introduced to the left under the presser foot pressure and keep their left arm until it does line. Correctly works in the serger thread should be directed in the same direction as the moving cloth.
Use tweezers when refueling a simple overlock. This is especially useful when the most painstaking manipulation – charging of the lower looper. The simpler the model of the machine, the more dexterity you will need. Advanced models have a device which facilitates the operation.
Buy good modern serger, if you have the necessary funds. Some expensive models have a so-called vozduhonosnye refueling loopers. Insert the thread into the correct hole and press the lever on the sergere – the thread itself will be held in the looper. At the same time to fill the threads you can in any order without fear of bad lines.