Get education in one of the Humanities (law, economy, sociology, social work, etc.). This does not mean that technical education and science in the UN are not in demand. Just knowing the laws and having the skills to work with people, you are much faster to adapt to the service of the United Nations.
Check the size of the quota allocated to citizens of Russia and CIS countries next year. For this you will need to visit the Russian-language website of the UN - Please note: quotes provided for our fellow citizens, always being exceeded. However, to apply for the job still stands. It is possible that your level of education and personal experience will be of interest to someone of the coordinators of the organizations entering into structure of the UN.
To see a list of these organizations, visit the website Visit those which you would be interested. Find out if there are jobs, and what are the conditions for admission. Before applying sign up as a candidate for the selected post on the website
If you live in a region where there are no representative offices of the UN or something that requires the help of volunteers, become a member of this organization you will be able, almost without leaving home. Please contact your local authorities and find out how you can start the work in accordance with the Charter of the UN. Find out on what terms will control over your activities, and most importantly – what exactly it will be.
If you decide to join the ranks of the volunteer mission of the UNforce in the troubled regions of the world, your work can be in helping victims of natural disasters, and in teaching children to read, and Advisory services. Therefore, before taking the direction to work in the UN, prepared to test for knowledge of the language of the country where you want to go. The program of tests can be included and issues relating to aspects of international law and the laws of the state in which you are going to work.