First of all, you must get a good idea of what are ways to gain legal work in the States. Under U.S. law, a foreigner wishing to live and work in the United States for a long time, you need three main documents: the visa, permission to stay in the country and a work permit. It is important not to confuse the visa and permission to stay in the country is completely different documents that provide different rights. A visa only allows you to enter the country with a specific purpose (tourism, study, business, marriage, etc.). Depending on your type of visa is issued for a period from several months to two years.
Permission to stay in the country allows you to legally reside on the territory of the United States for a certain period. After the end of the specified period, the person is considered illegal if permission was not extended. A work permit allows you to officially work and to receive wages from the employer.
To obtain permission to work in the United States in two ways: through existing employer or by yourself. In the first case, the employer with whom you already have an agreement, and who is willing to hire you, he takes the necessary request and documents to the immigration office to get the right to invite the United States needed the foreign employee. In the second case, you first come to the country, then your own look for possible workstation and issue the work permit. It is important to know that in the United States, there are special quotas for certain professions. That is, people with relevant education and professional experience may qualify for a permit to enter and work in their native country simply by contacting the Embassy. These occupations include computer programmers, nurses, and others.
To go to work in the United States, one of the state programs. In particular, the exchange program Work&Travel allows you to find a temporary job in USA and leave for a short time. Not less convenient option for young people – the opportunity to go on one of the training programs, and during your stay in student status, to find a job that allows you to obtain a work permit and Greencard, that is residence permit.