In fact, now there are two main ways to go to work abroad. The most common country is the United States. The least of the problems with obtaining a visa, decent wages, not so high load, as in some other places. If you are fairly independent and confident in their abilities, you just book the tickets, prepare documents, issue a temporary work visa and "savage" go to the States. To find temporary housing and a job also will not make you work. Oddly enough, it's not as difficult as it may seem. Many shops, cafes, laundries and other similar institutions is almost always in need of additional manpower. Most likely, you will be able to find work from 8 to 12 dollars per hour. If you found a job with a salary above this, you consider yourself lucky.
If the plan to "grab the head" you are little satisfied, at the present time there are a huge number of specialized agencies, who for fifty to seventy thousand rubles for the whole year will be finding a place of work, residence, issue of various insurance and other types of securities. Typically, these firms provide you with a guarantee that if for any reason the work on the place you are refused, you will be brought back and return all the money spent. Simply put, in this scenario, you overpay 20-40 thousand for "insurance" you and your money spent. You can say that you have answer not you personally, but firm, and if something happens, the responsibility of it. Although more expensive, is still a strong likelihood that you don't just pay for the trip, and even remain in positive territory.
How to go for <strong>border</strong> to work
Carefully make inquiries about the Agency, which is responsible for your training and sending. At the peak of popularity this type of tourism many groups hunted fraud and theft in this area. Learn some English, although language requirements are minimal in this type of work, good knowledge of the language will allow you to increase your chances of finding a profitable place. If you eat a "savage", stock up cash in one or two weeks. Don't go with empty pockets - no one can give you an accurate answer, when you find a job and how much time you'll need it. Do not rush the accumulated funds to carry back to the country because many things are cheaper to buy abroad than to take the money back. But don't forget about the rules, and don't overdo it: bring on the plane in Luggage a brand new car is unlikely.
How to go for <strong>border</strong> to work