You will need
  • - the application for attraction of foreign labor force to the Employment Center and the health Ministry;
  • - extract from the decision of the Interdepartmental Commission (MVK);
  • resolution of the Federal migration service (the FMS).
To obtain quotas for foreign labor force necessary to give notice of such need employment Centers, and after receiving permission from the health Ministry. Only after the resolution of the FMS will start the permit for attracting foreign labor force.
The application about the need for foreign labor is supplied by the company to the employment Center at their registered address. And register Department, Russia. There your application will be considered by the Interdepartmental Commission, which distributes quotas for foreigners. Your IAC meetings are conducted twice in a month.
If the IAC has decided to allocate to your enterprise quota, after about two weeks you have the right to contact the health Ministry for Kolokolnikova lane extract from its solution.
On the basis of a positive decision of the IAC you are in the FMS (lane Counts) documents to allow and attract foreign labour. And after 5 weeks, the FMS gives you permission, you don't have to lose touch with employment Centres and confirm that the necessary specialists from among Russian citizens did not arrive. Only then you can attract the foreign labor force.
Please note that the company that orders not more than 20 foreigners to work and justify its application has more chances of success. With a larger number of jobs in MVK are also letters from the Prefecture of Moscow, proof of winning tenders and the availability of government contracts. Besides, there are a number of occupations for which quotas do not apply. These include the post of Director General, engineer on protection of information, automation engineer, Director.
To save time and effort, you can use the services of intermediary firms, specializing in attracting foreigners to work in Russian companies.