You will need
  • Agency to work in Israel;
  • - a work permit;
  • - working visa category b-1.
To find a job in Israel, we get a joband work visa category b-1. Information on possible employment will receive in the Israeli Agency in your city, in charge of the recruitment for companies or individuals in the country. Choosing any company, you should ask an Agency to provide you with a certified copy of the license of the organization for employment of foreign citizens. So you protect yourself from unnecessary problems with the authorities.
Range of workspaces for foreign citizens are quite diverse. Israel attracts persons willing to provide services of home care, to work in construction, agriculture, etc. work visa allows you to work in the chosen direction (it is officially prescribed) and you have no right to change it.
A request for a work visa can submit the interior Ministry of Israel on their own. Also this issue may be handled by the recruitment Agency or employer. When permission is received, the visa is issued at the Embassy of Israel in your country within five working days.
No documents (part of documents) via Fax, email or regular mail for a work visa are not accepted. The Embassy will appear personally for an interview. With you have the following documents: notarized certificate of good conduct, a medical certificate, a Declaration of fingerprinting and photographs, a completed application for a visa and two passport photos.
Strictly observe all the terms specified in the issued visa. In case of prolongation of the working visa, see the statement in Department on work with the population of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the State of Israel.