You need to start a business

Selling ice cream can be an excellent option the family business. If you have no business experience, start with the basics. Open the stall. You need to collect all the documents and issue the IP. Be sure to allocate funds for the purchase of the freezer. Want to save money? Then don't buy a new freezer. To start fit and has worked Assembly. You'll need and the kiosk.

The beginners can be advised to enter into a contract with the manufacturer of ice cream. You will sell products of only one brand. And ice cream maker will give you the equipment to rent. Check with the authorities the location of the kiosk. Will receive a permit for retail sale of sanitary and epidemiological stations. The permit must be issued for food products group. Note that the seller should be sure to have a sanitary book.

How to make a business successful

Very much depends on the place, where there will be a kiosk. Selling ice cream is good around children's attractions, on public transport. You can put a stall in the market, in the Park, at the intersection of streets with heavy traffic. Think about the range. Best of all, if your kiosk will be sold at least fifteen or twenty types of ice cream. This range will satisfy the demand of customers of any age.

The opening of the kiosk has several advantages. Comparing the cost of renting space for the kiosk with the rental of space in the store, you will see that the first option will cost you much cheaper. If you place a kiosk in a busy location failed, use ads to attract attention. All the cost of opening a kiosk will pay for itself very quickly.

Very well, if you have start-up capital for rent. Must have money on the first paycheck of the sellers, for the purchase of the freezer and the first batch of goods. First you can successfully trade yourself. Then he should hire some sellers. They will work in shifts. Conduct regular stocktaking. Revenue take alone or put the safe in a nearby store. The seller will daily add to his revenue. The collector will pick up the money once a week.

Delivery better implement on your own car. When you have multiple kiosks that will charge the right shipping companies.