Any day of each calculation period can be considered a work holiday, weekends, day, holiday, etc. Hours of work holidays and weekends must be observed separately.
If the employee works on a holiday that you will later pay in the appropriate column in the first row, specify the marking "RP" and the number of hours actually worked that day – in the second.
If on a holiday the employee was on a business trip, the first row of the time sheet, mark the letter code that corresponds to the business purposes – "To". The second line does not fill. Also remember that according to the law, sending the employee on a business trip, you warrant to him the preservation of the average wage.
If the employee is on vacation, the work table must be paid public holidays that fall during the leave. This is done because according to the law, these holidays will not be considered as calendar days. Weekend days, on the contrary, included in vacation days and not recorded in the register of working time.
If you work with the program 1C, the reflection of the holidays will be held as follows. You probably know that the calculation of payment for public holidays is only possible on the basis of the order. The calculation of this payment will make in the tab "salary Calculation", select "primary documents" and open the document "Payment holidays". Fill it accordingly and if you did everything correctly, after the document register of all public holidays will be visible.
The time sheet is very important document based on which the following will be carried out all calculations and accruals. So treat it to fill very carefully in order to correctly reflect all weekends and holidays and to specify which one some of the staff went to work.