You will need
  • calculator or program 1C.
If the employee goes into regular paid vacation during the holidays are nationwide holidays, calculate calendar days of vacation, not including holidays. In fact, it turns out that the vacation increases with the number of public holidays, but payment for these days is not possible.
The calculation of selling produce, on the basis of average daily earnings in the 12 months that preceded the leave. To do this, add up all the amounts earned during the 12 months that you held the income tax divide the resulting figure by 12 and 29.6 multiplied by the number of vacation days, deduct income tax. The remaining amount of the grant to the employee as vacation pay.
Make counting when the employee must go to work. For example, if the leave starts January 1, add 28 days, it turns out that the first working day after the holiday will be on 29 January, but in January a lot of nationwide days off, so the vacation will actually be longer than this number of days. Holidays in January are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 number. Therefore, the employee will be released from vacation on January 29, and 6 days later, but the amount of vacation pay which he will receive on hand, this does not increase.
If the employee was hired to work at the weekend or on holidays during the working year and wished instead of double payment to get extra days of rest and time them to leave, then output count, based on the average daily earnings, multiply them by the number of vacation days provided in labour legislation. That is, to leave you to add can, but the payment they are not subject (article 153 TK the Russian Federation). For example, if the employee worked 5 nationwide weekend holidays and wished instead of a double payment to them of additional weekend and time for another vacation, then put 28 calendar days add 5, but pay only 28 days.