Advice 1: How to formalise part-time

Many organizations make employees who work part-time. Recruitment employee you may have some questions that relate to leave of this part-time. What is the procedure of calculation and timing of annual vacation?
How to formalise part-time
Under Labour code article 286 CH. 44, employees, working part-time, annual leave will be granted in parallel to the release on the main job. In the case where it is less, the employer must provide leave without pay for the missing days.
Leave is granted even in the case where the employee has not fulfilled the provisions of the labour code of six months. Thus, it is certain in advance.
Information about holidayx in your organization is made on a special form that contains the plot. This document is issued two weeks before the beginning of the calendar year. Prior to this date a staff member working part-time should inform the supervisor or head of HR date of leave at the main place of work.
To arrange annual leave part-time, you need to check out the FAQ from the main place of work. It can be made in any form. Also part-time must provide a copy of the order (order) on granting of holiday to the employee (form T-6).
Based on the above documents, the accountant should calculate holiday pay. They are calculated according to the labour code, article 139 Chapter 21, that is, payments are calculated based on the average earnings.
To part-time pre-notified about the leave at the main place of work, you need to register it in the employment contract. In case of violation of this condition, the employee is subject to disciplinary action, but the right to leave it saves in any case.
Sometimes it happens that an employee has been granted vacation in advance, not after six months, he quits. In this case, the paid vacation shall be deducted from his salary.
In the case of part-time primary work location in your own campaign, but on another post, to write the application on holiday he will have twice and the order is also being drawn up for each position.

Advice 2: How to draw on the work of external part-time

One of the forms of labor relations between the employer and employee – a part-time basis. If the employee is working in another parallel company, it should be called the external part-time workers. Its design is performed by writing the application specialist, labor contracts, preparation orders.
How to draw on the work of external part-time
You will need
  • - documents of the employee;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - labor legislation;
  • - the form of the order on form T-1;
  • - application form for admission to work;
  • - staffing;
  • - the form of the standard contract.
When hiring foreign workers must have statement. It should be written on the form developed by the clerk. The employee should be the content of the statement to Express their request to take him to the post (specify its name) in combination. The document required the presence of the signature of the employee date. A statement signed by the Director. The resolution consists of supervisor signature and date admission to work.
As with the major worker, the part-time worker must conclude an employment contract. Its terms must include position, salary, allowances, bonuses in accordance with labour legislation, that reglamentary welcome to work part-time, and provide rules for the issuance of such employment relationship. As a rule, the wages of workers should not exceed 50% of the salary for the professional category prescribed in staffing. But the employer has the right to install and great pay, specify it in the contract. It would be best to pay work part-time in accordance with the actually spent time. Perform the certification of documents with the seal of the company, signed by the Director and accepted employee.
The contract with the time needed to write orders. To do this, use the unified form T-1. The document must contain the name of the organization, city of its location, room, date of admission to work. Subject order indicate the adoption of a position, and in substantial part, write the personal data of specialist name of position, Department, salary in accordance with an agreement concluded with it.
Make a personal card to the employee. Enter the employee's personal data and other relevant information (educational activities, etc.). If the specialist wishes to make an entry in the work book on the work of part-time, grant him a certificate on the letterhead, a copy of or extract from the order on appointment to the post. One of these documents will be the basis for personnel's primary work of the employee recorded on the additional posts.
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