When planning a vacation you need to consider that rest days are calculated in calendar days. You will be expected 28 days.
This includes weekends (holidays are an exception). At the same time, you have the right to divide the leave into two parts. One of them cannot be less than 14 days. Thus, you can plan a vacation start on the day when two weekends will be "over the edge" period, and you will rest for two days more.
Remember that there are categories of employees whom the employer on the basis of part 4 of article 123 of the Labor code should I vacation in the time convenient for them. This exemption applies to:
the husband who is entitled to annual leave in the period when on leave for pregnancy and childbirth his wife (article 123 of the labour code);
- the employee who wants to leave in the next holiday before the provisions of the law leave for pregnancy and childbirth, after it or after leave for child care;
- part-time, leaving on vacation according to the schedule the main place of work;
- an employee who has a child under the age of 18 (as well as guardian, Trustee) and its accompanying for enrollment in a remote educational institution (article 322 of the labour code).
Vacation at a convenient time can take the staff, was awarded the "Honorary donor of Russia".
On their own initiative and by written statement you can ask the employer about the leave without pay. This gives the opportunity to relax under the permit, to travel in time, you can't change.
Remember: 28 days on how those who work in the mode of full-time and those working part-time. If you are under 18, you on extended leave of absence of 31 calendar days. Disability also comes the increase in 2 calendar days.
If you have long working hours, you get an extra vacation (article 119 of TC RF).
Study the collective agreement of your company. According to article 116 of the labour code, the organization may provide additional leave to its employees in excess of existing legislation. So, attracting the best specialists, some employers include a benefits package the provision of additional leave in 7 days. Such leave may be used by agreement with management. For unused additional vacation you can get compensation.
The leave may be postponed to a later date, taking into account your wishes, if you before the holiday ill.