Usually a list of needed items is attached to the voucher. So, this area of medical certificate you need to put in a backpack or bag in the first place. Read the list and adjust it with the characteristics of their child. If he is a neat freak and fairly considered, then it may need a few less pair of shoes and clothes than that specified in the permit. If he is prone to mischief, that things can be put with a margin.Sew labels in all your clothes, make a full list and put it in the suitcase. This will help the child when leaving not to forget in the camp at least half of what you gave him. A suitcase or bag to make a tag and tie it tightly to the trip she pulled off. On the tag write the name and surname of the child.Put it in a suitcase, several plastic bags with handles, they can put dirty clothes or to bring the sea to wear on the tour.All of the usual medications that may be required in the camp, in a local clinic will be required. You can put a child the only ones that need to him personally by virtue of the presence of a disease, but do not forget to notify counselors. But just in case, put antibacterial patch several pieces, iodine (in sticks), cotton swabs. Shampoos it is better to give a child in disposable packaging, and the soap in the soap dish.Costly, new electronic devices it is better not to give or arrange to be deposited with a counselor. Regular sports equipment, too, should not take order not to overload the child. But tracksuit, running shoes, swimsuit or trunks – should be mandatory. Rubber flip-flops will help him in the pool. Hats better to give him a few, they tend to "get lost". For rainy and wet weather, which happens even in the South, put a raincoat or light coat, waterproof boots.