School camp runs 5 days a week during June and sometimes July. In August, school camps is not since all teachers are on holiday. School camp can be as full of content – that is, on a working day, from 8.00 to 17.00, and in the morning, then after lunch children go home. To find you a school camp in advance, to avoid unpleasant surprise. To refer the matter to the camp commander or the head teacher of the school. Previously have to collect a set of documents.
The applicant's passport and its photocopy can serve both the mother and the father. In the copy of the passport will need to make a page with registration, as an organization, host a child, you must know where he lives and whom to contact in case of emergency. If the child does not reside at the place of registration, it is necessary to specify separately.
Birth certificate of the child. Another official document, without which no cost, no registration procedure in the camp, including school. Make copies of certificates of all children in the family, which is documented in the camp.
Help with work in form F9 on who is running the parent in which company. If one of the parents does not work, the statement and all other documents may be submitted or not to submit this certificate at all.
Help from the clinic that the baby is healthy and no one in the family quarantine. To get help just before camp. In school, children need to see the nurse before the start of the race.
The application of a parent to take a child to camp. Written at the time of submission of all documents. The sample application you will be given at the class teacher or the head teacher.