Explain to your child that for failure to comply with the rules of the camp it can be expelled and sent home for an additional fee. For property damage, which has damaged the camper, parents pay. Therefore it is better to behave in the camp calmly, to strengthen health and to gain strength before the study. And the rules of behavior fairly simple to comply with them is not difficult.
Do not break the established order of the day, and follow accepted hygienic procedures (wash, pricesales, dress neatly and for the weather, take a shower, fold up bed and my stuff).
Carefully read and remember the rules of fire safety, sea bathing, rules of conduct during sea bathing, excursions, trips, campaigns. All of these materials are available on the camp site and they must be studied.
Immediately report any employee of the camp about all their ailments, do not try to treat themselves.
Do not smoke, do not drink alcoholic beverages, do not use drugs and distribute them.
Treat carefully the property of the camp and its property of other children. Do not break or trample gardens and lawns, clean.
Do not leave the camp, if possible stick together with your squad. About all their problems and difficulties reported to the counselor.
Do not collect mushrooms, berries and fruits and don't eat them.
In public places is not allowed to swear, to shout, to offend others in word and action.
If you follow these rules, your stay will be useful and fun. Make friends and play outdoor games to strengthen and harden your body. Respectful leader, conflicts will facilitate your stay in the camp. Do not succumb to provocations of other kids who think dangerous antics.