The list of things required to make in advance. Even if you think you're done, I forget something and remember later. You need to gather not in haste, but gradually in order not to forget anything.

The documents should also be collected in advance. Check with the head of the camp or changing the list of documents and start to cook them. In any case, will have to pass the physical – and one day here you are unlikely to do.

You should not give the child a too much expensive things. The fact that they can suffer from accidents – children are too inattentive, or they can easily steal or intentionally to spoil. Will also have to accept the fact that some of the things your child will forget in the camp or someone will give.

Pack crease-resistant clothing (iron, children rarely use) and repackages, preferably a speckled or dark color. Yes to the mess was worse visible.

Forming closet, call child. May he be present during the process. He will help with advice. You should not give it too the old stuff – the guys will laugh, but also new things, especially prepared for socks in the school to provide it should not be.

Each garment, including shoes, must be signed. And show your child where these labels are placed.

Think about how much underwear and socks you need, and add a couple more. Linen have to be changed often, and that's to wash the children, not all will, even if now they vowed.

The soap will separate into multiple pieces, be sure to put in a dish. Toilet paper is also better to split on mini-rolls. Shampoo is better to buy disposable bags. Toothbrush and toothpaste buy a new one and put it in a bag.

Towels are usually in the camp of give, but it is better to put your. And don't forget the wipes! It is better to buy a few packs.

If you are sending to camp the girl of 12-13 years, buy her sanitary pads, explain what it is and how they should be use to the unexpected situation caught her off guard.

One should not forbid the girl to take a makeup. Better buy it for cheap and hygienic, but don't allow someone else to "borrow". Cosmetics – purely individual thing.

Don't let a lot of bills. Money exchanged in advance – on the spot will do it once. If you give a child a cell phone, put on by a sufficient amount, and put the SIM card on the local tariff in order not to overpay.

Take the teachers and leadership camp phone numbers. But don't call them day and night – a couple times a week to inquire about the child's condition is acceptable.

Got everything? Before going to lift the suitcase. Too heavy? Get rid of things. Imagine that your child to drag the suitcase to the bus, then to camp, and after a few days the opposite.