Documents, money, credit cards (a must!) and things, the absence of which on arrival will give you a serious inconvenience should be taken in hand Luggage. Suddenly your Luggage by mistake will fly to another place? Don't worry, this happens very rarely, but just in case you need to foresee every situation.
Before collecting clothing, find out what will be the weather. If you go on a warm coast, remember that air temperature is indicated in shadow. That is, if it says that in Hurghada +21-23, this means that if you absolutely cloudless weather (and it is, believe me, it will be cloudless) the temperature reaches +28-30 degrees. You know, at this temperature, you'll need one light windbreaker for evening walks. Things should be as universal as possible and can be combined with each other. This will allow you with minimal amount of clothing to create the maximum number of images. Do not bring expensive designer things. This rule applies to jewelry. If you do decide to take them, - pack in your hand Luggage. Clothes best way to pack in bags, you're going to take the cosmetics that can stain things. Shoes, especially heels, it is best to put in the center of the bag so the sharp edge didn't damage the upholstery and did not violate the integrity of the Luggage.
Do not take gels, shampoos, lotions, personal hygiene products and more. All this can be bought on arrival at the hotel nearest to the supermarket. If you have a specific makeup that is hard to find in a regular store, pour shampoos and creams in a more compact tubes. Thermal water and other liquids exceeding 100 ml, Packed in a Luggage. Pack liquids in plastic bags, so if your flight, for example, the liquid varnish remover, not raining and not messed up the clothes. Nail accessories are also put in the suitcase. The transportation of sharp and cutting objects as carry-on baggage is strictly prohibited. Beach towels can also be bought on arrival. In addition, in some hotels beach towels are included and are free of charge.
Phone, laptop or tablet, camera, chargers, of course, you need to take in your hand Luggage. Think carefully whether you need to vacation a Hairdryer and an iron. Many hotels do not provide iron on demand, and are forced to take things to the dry cleaners for a very impressive amount. Hotel hair dryer, as a rule, a normal blow will not do: either be low-powered, uncomfortable or attached to the wall. Following this reasoning, it makes sense to take a Hairdryer and iron with them. Just buy a compact road equipment. And don't forget the adapter into the power outlet otherwise, all your devices can be useless.
Be sure to take analgesics, antiseptics, antidiarrheal agents, fever, personal required medicines and vitamins. In many countries the medicine can be bought only on prescription, and, most likely, the name of this tool will be different, so navigate yourself to the pharmacy when purchasing medicines is unlikely to succeed. It is better to take all necessary medications with you. Nice trip!