Advice 1: What things do you need to take the child on vacation

Came the long-awaited season of holidays, and with it the time to collect the suitcase. Head is spinning on what things need to be sure to take along, especially when it comes to vacation with the child.
What things do you need to take the child on vacation

Of course, a small child may want to choose things for themselves for the holidays, but, most likely it will be toys and clothes that he likes but they are of little use. The baby is not capricious and not resented, you can offer him to collect a small suitcase or backpack, and it's time to start preparing what do you need away from home. And the child will develop independence, and you will be calm that took all the needed. You need to start with clothes calculated the number of vacation days. On the list of things should include the following: - underwear; shorts, t - shirts for boys, dresses, pinafores for girls; socks for at least a couple every day; pair headgear; clothing with long sleeves and pants in case your child accidentally burn in the sun; - 2 pyjamas – lightweight and warm; warm clothing in case of cool weather. The next point is the shoes: - open lightweight sandals for walks; - trainers in case of cold or rain; - crocs for the beach and comfortable, and not hot. We should not forget about the spray tans. Cream need to take so that it will be applied every two hours without bathing, and after each water treatment. Delicate skin of the child in any case should not burn otherwise, a couple days of vacation can be ruined. In addition to sunblock, you need to think about the first aid kit. The list of medications chosen individually, but there are General recommended drugs: - analgesics and antipyretics; - Allergy; - means from the bites of various insects; - medicines used for diarrhea and poisoning; antiviral drugs. As for toys, the choice for parents to take with them only the favorite toy, and everything else to buy on the vacation spot, in order not to overload the suitcase. And you can take all the way to the air mattress. In any case, you need to remember that the list is generalized and it is necessary to consider the characteristics of each baby individually.

Advice 2 : What kind of shoes to choose kids to the beach

In order that the children can safely enjoy the sea, beach shoes should be comfortable and easy. So the choice should take into account certain criteria.
Children's beach shoes
Before purchasing children's beach footwear you should think about the material. Quality leather or textile shoes are totally the wrong option. Best place to buy kids shoes on the beach from various synthetic materials. The sole should be made of polyvinyl chloride or similar materials. Top children's beach shoes can be textile.

The basic rules of selection of children's beach shoes

It is not recommended to buy beach shoes for kids to grow into. It is simply impossible to move through the sand and water. You should also give preference to shoes that are easy to install and remove. The child will certainly appreciate such a convenience. Best of all, if children's beach shoes will not be afraid of water. It is worth considering the fact that the shoes should be as comfortable for the child.

What beach children's shoes to choose?

Children's beach shoes may differ in types and styles. A good option would be sandals with several Velcro straps that enable you to fix the shoes on the baby's feet. When choosing sandals it is necessary to pay attention to the sole. It should be double layered and light weight, and mischna part is raised. Only so little fingers are protected from rubbing.

Flip-flops are the most common type of beach shoes for children. When choosing such a Shoe is also necessary to pay attention to the sole and Myasnoy part. Crocs - shoes for the beach, which looks like rubber shoes. Usually crocs are fitted with a special strap that can be worn across the ankle. If you choose crocs for your child, then you need to pay attention to how the strap is attached to the main part of the Shoe.

Kids flip flops are a type of flip-flops. They're not meant for long walks as baby legs quickly begin to tire. When buying it is better to give preference to models with thicker soles. And the inner and outer side of the flip-flops must have the waffle pattern.

For beach walks pediatric orthopedists often advise to choose Aqualuz. This shoes with thick soles made of PVC and rubber upper. Also, the top may be made of elastic waterproof material. Aqualuz able to best protect the baby's foot from external damage. Soft sole smooths out the sensitivity of the foot.
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