Free vouchers to children's camps include:
- children from large families (in some regions there is a 50% compensation);
- children from low-income families;
- children with disabilities;
- children left without parental care, orphan children;
In some regions, this list is complemented by a separate preferential categories. For example, in Moscow, it is the children who suffered from terrorist acts, children from families of refugees and displaced persons.
To win a ticket to camp for a child from a large family, you must provide to the local bodies of social protection:
- the application (filled in place);
- the identity of the mother (father);
- the passport of the mother (father) and its copy;
- birth certificate of the child and its copy;
- certificate on family composition;
the income statement for the last 3 months (2-NDFL for the parents).
In some regions in 2014 passed a law that frees families from having to provide income.
For obtaining the permit to camp on a child from a poor family it is necessary to collect following documents:
- a written application for the grant of the permit (filled in place);
- passport of the legal representative and copy of the document;
- birth certificate of child and copy;
the income statement for the last 3 months;
- certificate of family composition.
If the permit is issued for a disabled child, you will need:
- a written application;
- passport of the legal representative and its copy;
- birth certificate of the child;
- a document confirming disability;
- certificate of family composition.
The children involved in the sections of educational institutions can also get a ticket to the camps on a thematic shift. In this case, the free ticket or with partial payment. The design of this tour is performed in an educational institution. You will need to provide a birth certificate.
Another possibility to determine their child to camp with the least cost vouchers issued by trade unions. Many employers are willing to compensate the cost of vouchers for children of their employees. For this purpose in April-may collected applications from interested persons to receive such compensation. The amount of compensation established by the employer.