The documents and information

First and foremost, in the bag it is necessary to put the documents confirming your identity, receipt of payment of your stay in the sanatorium, medical policy and pre-decorated in the polyclinic health resort map. Also it is wise to bring money or a credit card for incidentals.

Exercise classes and water treatments

Stay in the sanatorium means of daily exercise in the gym and the pool, hence the need to bring everything you'll need for this:
- outdoor and indoor swimsuit;
the bathing cap;
- flip-flops or flip flops;
- a tracksuit;
- comfortable Hiking shoes or sneakers.
Also do not forget the spare shoes to visit medical offices.

For a comfortable stay

To make your rest the most comfortable, but not uncomfortable, you should bring things that will save you from certain problems, and allow us to feel comfortable on vacation. These things, of course, are personal hygiene items:
shower gel;
a bar of soap with a soap dish;
washing powder for hand washing;
- toothpaste and brush;
comb and small scissors.

In addition you will need a tee, because in the sanatorium rooms usually have only one outlet. This you will save many inconveniences when you want to watch TV, and you need to charge your mobile phone. Not to walk around with a wet head after the water treatment, bring a small Hairdryer, and a spare towel for the shower.
You will need a clothesline and a few clothespins to be able to dry her Laundry. If you go to the sanatorium in the summer, then take the fumigator and a remedy for mosquito bites.

Needed clothing and shoes

Do not forget that the resort, like in the room, you are not alone, so you need to take care of a neat and adequate. Be sure to take a Bathrobe after a shower, PJ's and Slippers for the room. In addition, pick the right clothes for a visit to the dining room and other public places. For street it is better to opt for a lightweight sports footwear, not cause discomfort when walking.

Usually, in resorts nightly activities for campers, so you can pick something more dressy but not too dressy, the same applies to shoes. Women to give preference to low chunky heel or wedge.

For the cold season to bring warm clothes, gloves, scarf, hat and be sure to an umbrella in case of rainy weather. If you go on vacation to a sanatorium in summer, don't forget to grab a hat and sunglasses.