You will need
  • - Capelin;
  • - the knife.
Before cleaned capelin, defrost it. This is best done at room temperature, taking out the fish from the freezer a few hours before frying. If time is limited, use a microwave rack by clicking the defrost mode. But in any case do not soak the fish in water. So it will leave all the juices and flavor will deteriorate.
The bigger the fish, the easier it is to clean. Scales, typical of big fish, the capelin is missing, so to save the carcass from the skin is not necessary.
Take a knife and cut the fish's head near the top of the fins. In food it is not used unless the apartment has no Pets.
Save the carcass from the tail fins and on the abdomen. At the same time, many cleaning fish ends. Mainly because do those who prefer caviar remained inside of capelin. This allows it to remain soft after frying. Being prepared separately, caviar turns slightly dry.
If you want to fillet capelin, continue to gut the fish. Open the knife the abdomen and pull out the eggs and set aside separately. Then make an incision on the back through it and pull out the backbone and ribs. In this process, will remain two halves of cleaned bones from fish. This process is not too time-consuming and complicated, but quite long, so it is much easier to just cutoff the head and tail.
Rinse the fish under running water and gently Pat it with a paper towel. Excess moisture during frying will not allow you to form a Golden crust. Then peeled capelin will be ready for cooking.