You will need
  • - oyster;
  • - a sharp knife;
  • the colander;
  • - a bowl of water.
Prepare the mushrooms. They grow in almost any woods. Take a walk where a lot of windfall. It is possible that there you will find oyster mushrooms. These mushrooms are often sold in stores, mostly in frozen form.
Despite the fact that oyster mushrooms do not tend to accumulate on hats garbage and dry leaves, brush and wash them all the same necessary. If mushrooms a lot, type a portion of their in a colander and place under a strong jet of water. Washed so the mushrooms place in a bowl. Similarly, second rinse, third and other portions. In principle, it is possible to soak the oyster mushrooms for a while in a basin with water, and then to touch with their hands, removing the trash, but colander more productive.
The cleaning process is mainly to remove the broken parts. Them, too little oyster almost never worm-eaten. Sometimes there are rotten or dried up areas. Remove them with a sharp knife. Can accidentally get caught sticking needles or dry leaves. Remove them so they do not fall into the salad. No harm, they, of course, consumers will not bring, but similar ingredients is pleasant not to all. After cleaning, you can wash the mushrooms again.
After the cleaning procedure chop the oyster mushrooms. The shape of the pieces depends on what you are going to have to do. Cook them in different ways. While boiled or steamed oyster mushrooms are a great stand for several days in the fridge unlike many other fungi. If oyster mushrooms are on the salad, finely dice them or julienne. Likewise cut them for frying.