You will need
    • Flounder
    • Salt
    • Knife
    • Scissors
    • The ingredients for a recipe
For starters, the sole needs to be cleaned, and then cut off her head and remove the entrails. This is done so. Flounder flips light side up, so you can see how it is better to make an incision for removal of head and viscera. After the head is cut, cut the belly and remove the intestines. After this the carcass of the flounder again wash.
The next step is to trim the side fins. This is best done with special scissors. Try to grab some boneless flesh, cutting off the fins.
In some recipes does not require a complete cleansing of flounder from the skin, so sometimes it is enough to scrape the skin from the small scales. But it is believed that when ready the odor is coming from the skin of the fish. If the smell scares you, it is better to get rid of the skin.
If the fish was frozen, it rind removed very easily. If flounder got you fresh, that we must act very carefully. Skin gently to hook the entire width of the fish and with stress comes off or is pulled into the opposite slit side.
You can then separate the fillet from the bones, and you can leave and so, depending on the recipe. You can also make a few slashes in the fish, prisolit, leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse flounder from excess salt. The fish is ready to eat!