You will need
  • - short sharp knife;
  • - durable rubber gloves;
  • metal grater;
  • - boiling water;
  • - vinegar.
It is easiest to clean, fresh, and better – living fish. It should stun, cut the body between the pectoral fins and allow the blood to drain. Then, without delay, get to cleaning. Well cleaned and refrigerated or frozen carcass. The most difficult part with the scales of specimens immersed into the fridge and lightly dried.
To expedite the process, rinse the carcass with boiling water. Do not submerge fish in hot water – short "soul" is enough. If you have to clear a few fishes, keep them in a container filled with warm water with added vinegar.
Start cleaning, by moving from caudal fin to head and from back to abdomen. Large bodies can be freed from the scales by means of a grater. Hold the fish by the tail and make smooth but strong motion, careful not to damage the skin. The land around the tail can be clean with a sharp knife. So easy to clean walleye, pike, perch and other breeds with fine and hard scales.
To keep the scales from flying all over the kitchen, try to clean a fish, soaking it in water. However thus it is easy to cut. Wear durable rubber gloves with a ribbed inner surface – they can keep the carcass, not fearing that it will slip.
Small perch easy to clean with your fingers, without a knife. Scald chicken with boiling water and remove the scales, moving quickly against its growth, from tail to head. Try not to injure the skin of the fish – it is necessary to preserve the juiciness of the product during subsequent cooking.
If you plan to make fish aspic, to prepare the stuffing or filling for cake, skin of a fish, it is possible to donate. Place the carcass in the freezer overnight. With a frozen and slightly thawed fish scales are removed together with the skin effortlessly.
Flounder is better not to clean, and free from skin, removing it from the carcass with fabric. After a little practice the process will go very quickly. Make a small incision in the area of the tail and with one sharp motion remove the skin.