You will need
  • - A sharp knife,
  • Board.
Rinse the fish under cold running water to rid of debris and mucus formed.
Lay the fish on Board. Holding firmly with your left hand, slowly with a sharp knife scrape off the scales from tail to head. The knife should be kept so that the angle of inclination was small, otherwise the scales will scatter in all directions. Do the same with the second side carp.
Now you need to rip the belly. To do this, pierce with a sharp knife the skin near the head and lead to the anus. Carefully remove from the belly of a carp all the innards so as not to damage your gall bladder. Otherwise the fish will have an unpleasant bitter taste. Remove the black film that takes place inside the peritoneum.
Carefully rinse the fish under cold water to get rid of the remnants of slime and scales.
If the carp small size, it can be prepared entirely. In this case, the head and fins are cut do not need, you only have to get rid of the gills. If the carp is big enough, cut the head, tail and fins, cut into pieces a La carte. You can now proceed directly to the cooking fish.