You will need
  • - sturgeon,
  • - a sharp knife,
  • - refrigerator,
  • - boiling water.
First things first: clean fresh sturgeon is a time - consuming and traumatic process. The skin of the sturgeon stiff and "glued" firmly, and thorns in any careless movement can cause a very painful and long healing wounds. Therefore, if your goal is to clear it of fresh sturgeon, the easiest way to do this, cut the fish into transverse pieces of about 3 cm thickness then with a sharp knife, the meat just cut from the piece, and the knife is on the inner surface of the thick skins.
If you need a shelled sturgeon, then no freeze is not enough. The head tail and fins are better to cut off in advance. After that, the sturgeon is placed in the freezer for a few hours, to a state of deep freeze. Taking a sturgeon out of the freezer, you first need trim the sides with its sharp coswiki. When the frozen sturgeon, to make it no more difficult than sharpening a stick. To cut the scales you need from head to tail, resting sturgeon tail into something solid. To do this it is best to Verchenko, so less likely to prick, and keep the slippery sturgeon easier to use than bare hands. To cut the spines need to of meat - these places will serve us later for removing the skins.
After the spines are cut, the ice cream sturgeon should be parboiled. If you do this with fresh fish, we will get the unpleasant effect in the form Polubarinova meat under the skin. Freezing need it in order to keep the meat from heat exposure. After waiting spravania after a few moments, you can begin to remove the skin from tail to head, using the notches on the sides in places, where once were thorns. Scalded skin fades quite simple.