You will need
  • To calculate the metering devices:
  • - the counters;
  • - cost of a cubic meter of hot and cold water;
  • - the tariff for water disposal.
  • For the calculation according to the standards:
  • - the number of registered citizens in the apartment;
  • - the value of the normative consumption of hot and cold water installed in the village;
  • - cost of a cubic meter of hot and cold water;
  • - the tariff for water disposal.
Record the meter readings if you have them installed in your apartment. Taken into account the red and black figures, showing the spent cubic meter of water. The metering devices shall be sealed and verified on time, and all the documents they handed over to the management company. If the kitchen and bath, water flows through the various posts, the counter should be two pairs. Indications on them are considered separately.
Subtract from take readings data for the previous month. The difference multiply by the cost of a cubic meter of water. Do these arithmetic operations separately for hot and cold water. In addition, the volume of liquid multiply and rate for sanitation. Services of water utilities consist of two components: the delivery of clean water to the consumer and subsequent drainage.
Tick the relevant boxes bills zeroes if you did not use water for this month. If you have broken your water meter, write the statement in a management company with a request to fix the problem you consider water consumption at the average for the last three months.
Multiply the monthly consumption of water by the number of registered person in the apartment, if your risers are no meters and the cost of one cubic meter, respectively hot and cold water. Similarly calculate the charge for wastewater disposal.
Apply to the managing company that you are in such a period of time (say, in the holiday season) do not live in an apartment and don't use public services. The opportunity the law gives no more than for 3 consecutive months.
Be prepared for the fact that your calculations may not exactly coincide with the payment billed by the management company. The fact that the testimony of General house metering device often do not coincide with the sum of all individual meters and normative consumption. Typically, this occurs at the expense of citizens living unregistered. Often, there is waste of water in homes, where there is no accounting. And management company spreads the difference for all apartments.