Ignore. The best way to deal with a bully is to ignore all his actions. Over time, the counterpart will simply cease to pay attention to you, because the response for these people is very important.
Translate the situation into humor. The working team needs to stick together, and to declare open war colleague is absolutely unprofitable. Therefore learn to fend off all the jokes and turn them into jokes. Your abuser will get tired of laughing at his failed plan and will keep up with you.
Repel the attacks. Open answer to my colleague, claiming dissatisfaction with his behavior. The reflection can include both absolute imitation of human action. He tortured you for advice, come and talk to him utter foolishness, is known even to schoolchildren. Most importantly a clever person.
If the previous tools are not for you and you really want revenge, then the following methods will help in this. For example, you can pump with a syringe a little bit of vaseline in the mouse counterparts. The drug will gradually evaporate, and the mouse begin to be covered by a layer of fat. Alcohol can't handle it - so you'll need your colleague to complain about your hands and continuously RUB the mouse alcohol products.
Make a print screen of the desktop objectionable to you colleagues. When he was excommunicated, and put your picture on his screensaver, and uncheck the show icons. Unsuspecting colleague will begin its work and try to open one of the tabs, not realizing that clicks on the empty screen. Panic is guaranteed.