Advice 1: What to do if colleagues you "substitute" to the leadership?

Interpersonal relationships are always difficult, especially relationships at work between superiors and subordinates, between colleagues. Sometimes to resolve them is difficult, and sometimes impossible.
What to do if colleagues you "substitute" to the leadership?

The only way - dismissal

That's a shame when you try to slander and "substitute" before the authorities. It damages not only the reputation in General, but may affect future career progression.

In such cases it is sometimes necessary just to quit. Although, if you work for a long time, the thing you do is expensive for you, then you need to try to resolve this situation.

Try to figure out why you had a nasty accident. Maybe you are not right in the relationship with your colleagues? Or there is a banal envy, for example, you work well and get regular bonuses and some colleagues never gets? In this case, you can try to talk to those colleagues who caused you trouble. Try to explain that you are not enemies. Offer your help, assistance. If you do bad colleagues do, then perhaps the situation will improve.

The heads are different

As for leadership, the chiefs, of course, are different. But in most cases, the head still has sufficient intelligence and wisdom to understand his subordinates.

He probably realizes that to change the staff on the first accusation is sheer nonsense, so I will try to sort out a difficult situation. Will surely invite you for a talk. If it's not, you should behave calmly, respond honestly, not to play up. If there are any friction with colleagues, again to talk about them truthfully.

However, remember that excessive to be Frank not worth working with anyone is the minimum required for protection from enemies.

If you really caused some damage to the boss or client, and you should not hastily make excuses or nervous, accusing informants. Lack of restraint in emotions, overly nervous behavior only cause even more distrust. Better pretend that you are surprised and puzzled. To accuse a third person is not necessary. Try to show the boss that you are looking for a way out of the situation, trying to understand. Most likely, it rehabilitates you and smooth out the wrath of the Manager. In the future, better to work to keep a distance from their detractors, in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

It may be true that the chief sympathizes with your abuser, then most likely you will not be able to prove his innocence. Still do not get lost and defend your position, get witnesses and facts.

Advice 2: How to figure out who you want to work

Choose their road in life - an important and responsible task. No poet wants to end his days at the factory for the manufacture of electric light bulbs, no engineer would be happy in kindergarten in the company of difficult children. But how to understand who you want to work with what profession to connect their lives?
How to figure out who you want to work
You can start to remember who wanted to be in childhood. An astronaut, a bus driver (Yes, it happens), a dentist, a businessman - surely, somewhere in childhood live your secret dreams. Yes, as a child you knew nothing about life and had little understanding about the job I dreamed of. But who knows, maybe it was there buried your untapped talents. Remember who you liked to play as a child who loved to pretend. Yes, even "intelligence agent" and "Arctic Explorer" could be a childhood dream, realized in the present.
If the train hasn't left yet, if you are young and energetic, if still in school or in the first year of University, try yourself in different spheres. The time can always be found. While you're young, you can learn the ins and outs of life restaurants, issued a waiter, or great shopping, signing on with sales consultants. You can earn money as a tour guide, a Museum employee, you may wish to find a place in the hospitals. Of course, you will pay a little, but experience is priceless. Subsequently, you will be much easier to decide whether you want to work here or there.
The next step, which will allow you to understand whether the path you took, and industrial practice at the University. By the time you already get a certain knowledge and a certain idea about the profession that you will receive, releasing from the University. On the other hand, if you suddenly realize that this is not for you, for some reason, you learn from history teacher, when you are hunting to build nuclear submarines, you still have time to roll in the other direction.
If you are an adult, held a man, and that you do not bring any money, no fun, you still have the opportunity to try themselves in other spheres. There are many kakvih agencies that can send you to work abroad. There you can meet other activities that you maybe never practiced. After that choose a new job or learn to appreciate and love the profession of teaching which once spent their best years and on which you are working now.
When choosing the case to your liking, listen to the voice of the heart. The voice of the heart will tell you what you want to do and what do you expect from the work. If you need a case that will bring pleasure no matter how many for it pay the money, then look for that kind of work. If for you the main thing - wages and opportunity for career growth and it is this, not the case itself, will bring you pleasure - then search for "gold mine". Not only Zabol gold fever!
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